Meet the Team

 With a degree in the science field, I find exquisite joy in the technical aspects of photography. My left brain compels me towards a perfectly composed photo! (what a Nerd!!) But that is the smaller part of the whole picture.  After investing in years of education to study and build upon my creative side, I have the honor of being able to provide both a technical aspect as well as creative component to your photography experience.

As a young girl, a family legacy of "walking the extra mile, and going above and beyond" was instilled in me by my Dad. It is in this place of client care where I feel most at home. My clients, their families and their stories are what drive me to show them just how beautiful they truly are.

I would be remiss if I didn't share that how I love and care for my clients is a direct result of my Christian faith. Without the support of my family, I would not be able to manage AFP. I'm married to an amazing man named Mark (AFP's second shooter), mom to 2 grown and thriving kids and 3 fur babies. My guilty pleasure is Key Lime Pie and I'm always in search of the best (Hint: it's not in the Florida Keys, and even the locals will tell you that).


Owner, Lead Photographer

Mark provides positive and never-ending support for all things AFP. He's the second set of eyes when we are photographing a wedding. You can find him with the Groom before a wedding and then capturing the Bride as she walks into the ceremony! Thankfully, he takes care of all of the finances for AFP.

Outside of AFP, Mark is an avid fisherman, cigar afficionado and metal-detecting extraordinaire. Lose your wedding ring? He's the one to call. With such rich Virginia history, there is never a shortage of earth that can be turned in search of treasure.  

Mark is also my extraordinary husband.  I never tire of spending time with him and we ALWAYS have something to talk about, even after being married for well over two decades.


CFO, Second Shooter

Our Family

Our daughter, Lindsey is a college student at Trinity University in San Antonio TX.  She is a double major in Sports Marketing and Business.  She is a USAPL power lifter and just completed competing in Collegiate Nationals where she is now ranked 19th in the nation in her division.  She is also an amazing figure skater and figure skating coach.  This summer she is interning with a AA Baseball team.  Lindsey is currently marketing as part of  a student team that created a Lifting app.  She is also learning how to play the Banjo.  Her greatest joy, however, is found in Jesus and she is very active in her church.

Our son, Alex is an avid all around outdoorsman and athlete.  He bikes 30-50 miles a day.  He is a runner as well as short and long distance hiker.  His summer goal next year is to hike the entire Appalachian Trail in 5 months or less.  He regularly hikes for days at a time covering 25-30 miles a day.   His latest hike was a week long and covered part of the Arizona Trail.  Alex is the Baker for a resort in the Grand Tetons where he loves supporting the resort family and their clients.   He is also an amazing cook and likes music from every single genre.  Alex has introduced us to the best movies and tvs shows.  

Both Lindsey and Alex have unique eyes for photography.  Lindsey excels at seeing composition in ways that no one else thinks about.  Alex understands professional cameras and their technology.  I love when they are in town for weddings as their unique perspective always brings a beautiful viewpoint.

Coco, our 14 year old Pug/Chihuahua mix is queen of all. Every bit of her 10 lbs. commands all respect in our house.

Pepper, our 9 year old Boston Terrier/Beagle is the easiest to photograph - just have a treat in hand and she will pose for anything.  

Roo, our 4 year old English Setter is the definition of high-maintenance and the very reason why we have no more dogs.  24 Hours a day is not enough time to spend with Roo in her opinion.  

Our Dogs

A few of Angela's favorite things in life

  • Movie:  Dune 1 & 2
  • Book:  All Creatures Great and Small by James Harriot
  • Photographs:  Authentic and Candid Moments
  • Sport:  Baseball (NYY lifelong fan)
  • Candy:  Toffee - my husband makes the best!
  • Song:  Heroes by David Bowie - the live version 2010 in Berlin
  • TV:  The Sopranos, The Bear and Ted Lasso
  • Place:  Florida Keys and The Outer Banks
  • Dessert:  Key Lime Pie
  • Bible Verse:  Love each other as I have loved you.  John 15:12
  • Flower:  Ranunculas
  • Moments of Serenity:  watching a sunset at the beach in summertime
  • Daily Ritual:  a glass of ice cold tea
  • Wedding Song:  Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - Van Morrison
  • Photographer:  Greg Williams

A few of Angela's favorite moments to photograph

My clients want their stories told through their photographs - so that when they look at them they remember every emotion of the moment. Here are some of my favorite captured moments:
  • The Mother of the Bride as she so lovingly bustles the gown of the last of her daughters to marry.
  • .The "we did it" moment felt by the Bride & Groom at the end of their ceremony.
  • The Father of the Bride as he dances with his daughter, unable to hold back the tears.
  • The engaged couple that can't stop smiling and whispering sweet words to each other.
  • The Best Man who cannot contain his happiness that his brother has found The One.

I boarded the plane and took my seat without more than a glance at my seat mates. As I began to settle, I looked over to say hello and realized I was sitting next to none other than - my FIRST clients EVER from back in 2016! And, yes, we remembered each other. It was great to catch up as if we were old friends just checking in. I loved that they were still together, their love going strong - and that they still had their same sweet dog that had also been a part of their photo session.  

I don't believe in coincidence...